Action and Fun in the sea - Water sports in the south of Tenerife

Beach in Tenerife

Tenerife represent an authentic paradise for every kind of traveler - so while spending your holidays at our Aguamar Apartments, you can not just relax and enjoy the tranquility, but also participate in one of the various possibilities for water sports that the island offers.

Because, who says that the beach is only for sunbathing, since the wide Atlantic Ocean and endless beaches of white and black sand invite everybody to practice water sports at the beaches of Los Cristianos and surroundings. Here, where our Aguamar Apartments are located, one can meet the best conditions for any water sports - trade winds, steady temperatures, amazing ports and coasts, as well as a incomparable paradise of flora and fauna under the sea. The possibilities are endless!


Thanks to its geographic location and the excellent sea and wave conditions, Tenerife represents a surfers paradise throughout the whole year. The beaches of the island attract every year surfers from all over Europe, as well as those who are practicing similar sports, such as body board, long board o SUP (Stand up Paddle), which currently enjoy great popularity. If you have never tried to get on a board and ride the waves, we have a number of surf schools just a few minutes away from Aguamar. At Playa de Las Américas for example, you can find the surf school K16 which offers you every type of lessons, so that you become the king of the waves!


Centro de kitesurf en El Medano

With its trade winds, that blow from moderate to strong with remarkable regularity, Tenerife attracts the best wind and kite surfers from all over the world, as the island ensures always the best conditions in any season. Among the various zones of the island, especially the beaches of EL Cabezo, La Jaquita and El Médano, are outstanding, with the latter well-known at a worldwide level. At El Médano, which is only a ten minutes from Aguamar Apartments, one can also find different windsurfing schools that offer lessons for all levels, no matter if you just want to improve or if you wish to ride the waves for the first time.


The beaches near our Aguamar Apartments invite with their spectacular ocean floors to plunge into the crystal clear waters. Discover the flora and fauna of the sea, sandbanks, volcanic caves, and steep and rocky zones, and enjoy the the excitement and adventure of diving. The island Tenerife offers unbeatable conditions for all divers, which have the opportunity to swim with rays, turtles, sharks, and sometimes even with dolphins. Moreover, the excellent climate conditions make it possible to dive all year long with a pleasant water temperature between 18 and 25 degrees. The diving schoolAqua marina diving centre”, which is located the the beach of Las Américas, offers various classes at different diving sites.


vela los cristianos

On the island Tenerife, you not only find the best wind and sea conditions, but also the most modern and complete sports facilities and ports. Forget the rest of the world, while sailing on the Atlantic Ocean, and discover the beautiful landscapes of the south coast of Tenerife. If you want to take your first steps in the exciting sport of sailing, your holidays at Aguamar are the perfect opportunity for this. With the sailing schoolEscuela Municipal de Vela Playa de Los Cristianos” you can rent boats and equipments, and you can also charter a boat with trained staff that will introduce you in sailing.

Boat excursions

Every day, various boats organize different boat excursions from the sports harbor Puerto Colón in Los Cristianos, just a few minutes away from our Aguamar Apartments. During the special excursions on the Atlantic Ocean, one can enjoy the best views on the neighbouring islands, as well as a refreshing bath in the clear blue sea. You will find a great offer of different excursions, among which, the highlights are definitely the whale watching tours, as there is a stable colony of 250 individuals living the waters of Costa Adeje. This makes your holiday in Tenerife the perfect opportunity to live this unique experience, that won’t let anyone indifferent. Moreover, during these tours, you can also see groups of bottlenose dolphins, that also live in the south of the island. The boats “Royal Delfín” or “Mar de Ons”, in Los Cristianos, offer excursions of all kinds, for the enjoyment of all.

We are sure that among the great offer of water sports, there is something for all tastes, especially because there are even more activities than those already mentioned: you can also do sports fishing, snorkeling, kayak, parasailing, and water ski, or cross the water with a jet ski.

Take advantage of your stay at Aguamar Apartments and enjoy the beautiful beaches and the crystal clear waters of southern Tenerife!

Find more information on water sports, here


Visit the highest mountain in Spain: Mount Teide

Pico Viejo

Mount Teide, located in centre of Tenerife, is the third highest and -biggest volcano structure of the world, and the highest point in Spain and the CanaryIslands. The Teide is a so-called stratovolcano whose formatting began 170.000 years ago, and whose present appearance was created by several successive lava flows.

In 1954 the Teide and 18.990 acres of the surrounding mountain region, was due to its impressive flora and fauna, designated as a national park and is now one of the most important tourist attractions worldwide, which every year attracts millions of visitors to Tenerife.

Different lighting effects, depending on the time of day, and climatic differences during the different seasons, always lead to stunning and surprising landscapes and make every trip to Mount Teide a unique experience.

Plan your visit

If you make holidays at our Aguamar Apartments in Los Cristianos and are planning to visit Mount Teide, we recommend you to use the Teide Cable Car, which will take you to a mountain station about 150 m below the summit, and which is the starting point for 3 marvellous hiking tours.

Route 10, Telesforo Bravo, will take you to the Crater of Mount Teide, from where you will have spectacular views on the surrounding landscapes, as well as on the neighbouring islands of Tenerife. This route requires for environmental reasons a permit offered by the national park offices, which is freely available at

The Route 11, La Fortaleza Vantage Point, gives you stunning views of the north side of Tenerife, and route 12, to the Viewpoint of Pico Viejo, leads to a magnificent view on the south of of Tenerife, as well as on the impressive structure of the large caldera. These two routes do not require additional approval.

Our guests of Aguamar Apartments in Los Cristianos can reach the Teide Cable Car either through the TF-21 highway via Vilaflor, or with the bus line 342, which departs regularly off Los Cristianos. You can check out the prices and opening times of the cable car station, on their website:

Explore Mount Teide

mar de nubes

But Mount Teide offers much more, so there is not only a total of 30 hiking trails, but also the possibility to participate in stargazings and hikes through the volcanic tunnels. Moreover you can enjoy physical activities like rock climbing, cycling, or paragliding in this unique environment. For more information, please visit:

We also recommend our guests of the Aguamar Apartments, for trips to Mount Teide, to always take enough water and sunglasses with you, to wear sturdy shoes, and to be aware of sudden changes in temperature, and to dress accordingly.

Please note that this ascent is, due to possible health risks caused by the high altitude, not recommended for people with cardiovascular or pulmonary problems, pregnant women or children under 2 years of age.


Stephen Hawking participates in the II Festival Starmus


Tenerife was the site selected for the second edition of Starmus Festival takes place. This edition will be headlining the renowned British physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking. The festival will take place between 22 and 27 September, but Stephen will remain on the island for a month. The origin of the universe will be the theme chosen by Hawking to intervene in this second edition. The scientist will participate in various activities and know several places on the island. It's a great surprise to move to Tenerife, because it takes years neighborhoods that do not move from his hometown in England for their mobility problems because of the condition being treated.

Stephen Hawking will give a speech at the Tenerife Auditorium to mark the opening lecture of the second edition of Starmus, whose theme Beginnings: The Making of the Modern Cosmos.

In this sense, Carlos Alonso stressed that Tenerife, Canary Islands, in general, are attractive to science for its natural riches, generating an echo of particular importance to the tourism sector, as, for example, with the observation of the stars. In addition, Herrera said such acts make Tenerife a “more open and international " Island. He said that this lecture series will be held in the Auditorium of Tenerife and crossed the visit of the physical “like a star in the stars." The president of the regional government, meanwhile, stressed that all activities organized in this area are aimed at diversifying the economy of the archipelago. Rivero insisted that the Canary Sky “is excellent."

The Starmus Festival is open to anyone who has a passion for astronomy, science, arts and music, and the desire to know more about where we come from and what's in the universe. One Start Party will be held at the Teide, a tribute to the legends of Space, a panel discussion at the GTC telescope, contests, concert Sonic Universe and tours to visit observatories Teide on Tenerife and Roque de los Muchachos, in La Palma. Attendees will have many opportunities to mingle freely with scientists, artists and rock stars to talk about the universe and all that it means. Stephen Hawking will be accompanied by a variety of internationally renowned speakers, including astronauts, cosmonauts, astronomers, cosmologists, chemists, biologists and Nobel laureates.


Playa de Troya

Playa de Troya

La Playa de Troya is located in Costa Adeje in southern Tenerife a few minutes drive from Aguamar Apartments. It was the first beach in Costa Adeje. This beach consists of fine golden sand and calm, clear waters, the beach is located in a very central area. These waters wide variety of water sports are practiced.

It is an ideal place to find relaxation and quiet beach. It is one of the most loved beaches of Tenerife, as is in the Top 10 beaches in Tenerife as the ABC (Spanish newspaper).

Offers lifeguard service, hammocks and parasols, parking, restaurants, bars, showers, changing rooms, toilets, telephone and taxi and bus.


San Cristóbal de la Laguna

San Cristobal de La Laguna

San Cristóbal de La Laguna was once the capital of the island (Tenerife) and the archipelago of the Canary Islands, and has the privilege of being the first city in the history of Hispanic urbanism that was founded in a planned way, and still retains a large amount of Mudejar buildings and traditional flavor.

The city was founded in 1497 by Governor Alfonso Fernández de Lugo, becoming the first city established in Tenerife and the capital of the island for three centuries. It was also during this time the political and economic center of Tenerife and the Canary Islands until 1833, the year the capital was transferred to Santa Cruz. In 1517 and the reign of Philip II, the structure of the city that has endured to this day as historic, but most of the buildings date from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is established.

La Laguna is in the northwest of the island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, Santa Cruz and borders. Extends Aguere Valley, whose small lagoon with seasonal - water generated by melting - names the city. It is six hundred meters above sea level and is protected by an arc of mountains.

The historic center of San Cristobal de La Laguna was declared a World Heritage Site on December 2, 1999, and the choice highlighted her condition and its age and planning are highlighted.


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