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Punta del Hidalgo

Bajamar, in the municipality of La Laguna and only three kilometers from Tejina, is a picturesque coastal village of pleasant weather, with many attractions to enjoy the proximity of the ocean.

Traditionally it has been a summer resort for locals people, especially in La Laguna, and offers limited hotel and apartment building.

Given the strength of the Atlantic, the pools created in this area renew their water naturally . A road connects the whole coast from Punta Hidalgo the pools and the small beach that was created by the dam.

The road leading to Bajamar continues along the coast and ends at Punta del Hidalgo. The coast offers an attractive varied landscape and stresses the Arenal beach, next to Bajamar, with black sand or pebbles according to the seasons.

The road continues to the lookout on the coast, with a broad overview of the Roque de los Dos Hermanos and the lighthouse.

Punta del Hidalgo has a municipal pool in the coastal area of Areniscos, has abundant creeks and puddles on its coastline, especially in the area of Furnias .


Playa Jardín

Playa Jardin

Playa Jardín is a beautiful small beach that has a huge debt to the vision of the Canarian artist Cesar Manrique, the man who designed its unique landscape. Dotted with palm trees and colorful botanical gardens is one of the most famous beaches on the island. It is located in Puerto de la Cruz.

The added attraction of soft volcanic sand makes an incredibly elegant Garden Beach resort. The name Playa Jardín is translated in English as "Beach Garden" and is a rich natural fit for dynamic and created by the presence of so many flowers and tropical plants environment description. With waterfalls and small pools that dot the boardwalk and beach, Playa Jardín is an ideal place to relax, to take some great pictures instead.





Garachico is in the northwest of the island of Tenerife in the Daute. This small town was in 1916 declared a historical. Its landscape characterized by lava mountains, pine forests and banana plantations.

Legend has it that sailors who came here rich Genoa and participate in the conquest of America and where the most important port on the island started settled. It was even said that wealth was such that the streets were marble and gold. In 1706, the eruption of Trevejo razed entire core. In the municipality of Garachico the best land is used for subsistence and banana.

Garachico has the San Miguel Catillo having outside the natural pools that were generated by the volcanic magma in contact with the sea. In 1912 , at the Freedom Square monument became the liberator Simón Bolívar canaries ancestors. Also, merecela worth visiting the Convent of San Francisco, the Church of Santa Ana, the house of the Counts of La Gomera and the House that are of great beauty.



Hiking in Tenerife 

Hiking TenerifeTenerife has a large number of paths that have a variety of environments, environments, and above all, various degrees of difficulty, both amateur and professional trekkers. Browse these trails takes us into the heart of Tenerife , know the inner beauty of the island, customs of the people and how they in their day they opened some of these routes to be introduced with cattle grazing in areas that are near the Teide.

From the great variety of trails that can be found in Tenerife, the most prominent for their level of demand, if beauty and intensity required to do this is the path that climbs to the top of Teide at 3,717 meters altitude. To perform this path, you need to apply for a special permit, without this permission is not possible to do. Its starting point is the White Mountain area at 2725 meters altitude.

Another attraction for hikers to part of the Teide National Park, are parks Teno and Anaga rural. Both also are frequented by thousands of trekkers each year. The Teno Rural Park is located in the northwest corner, the path Teno Alto to Teno Bajo, near the lighthouse at Punta de Teno. At the time was the shepherds route to transport their cattle. The Anaga Rural Park is located at the eastern end of the island, has some of the oldest trails Tenerife, one of its most prominent paths is going to Cruz del Carmen to Low Tide. It is a simple path, recommended for all types of travelers, of all ages, amateur fitness.





Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes

The cliffs of Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes cliffs Masca are found on the island of Tenerife, a spectacular gorge that is only accessible to which end at the beach or after several hours of incredible hike. The Cliffs of the Giants represent a geological basaltic volcanic west coast of the island of Tenerife, characterized by vertical walls, falling over the ocean.

The Cliffs of the Giants worth visit, are spectacular. The fall of these cliffs is a few hundred meters. In the upper part there is a viewpoint. The Giants are one of the best images of the island.

The Cliffs of the Giants for centuries was called The Wall of Hell by the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands, the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands. Boat excursions are conducted in front of the cliffs of Los Gigantes, which is one of the most wonderful experiences you can enjoy in Tenerife.


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