Visit the highest mountain in Spain: Mount Teide

Pico Viejo

Mount Teide, located in centre of Tenerife, is the third highest and -biggest volcano structure of the world, and the highest point in Spain and the CanaryIslands. The Teide is a so-called stratovolcano whose formatting began 170.000 years ago, and whose present appearance was created by several successive lava flows.

In 1954 the Teide and 18.990 acres of the surrounding mountain region, was due to its impressive flora and fauna, designated as a national park and is now one of the most important tourist attractions worldwide, which every year attracts millions of visitors to Tenerife.

Different lighting effects, depending on the time of day, and climatic differences during the different seasons, always lead to stunning and surprising landscapes and make every trip to Mount Teide a unique experience.

Plan your visit

If you make holidays at our Aguamar Apartments in Los Cristianos and are planning to visit Mount Teide, we recommend you to use the Teide Cable Car, which will take you to a mountain station about 150 m below the summit, and which is the starting point for 3 marvellous hiking tours.

Route 10, Telesforo Bravo, will take you to the Crater of Mount Teide, from where you will have spectacular views on the surrounding landscapes, as well as on the neighbouring islands of Tenerife. This route requires for environmental reasons a permit offered by the national park offices, which is freely available at

The Route 11, La Fortaleza Vantage Point, gives you stunning views of the north side of Tenerife, and route 12, to the Viewpoint of Pico Viejo, leads to a magnificent view on the south of of Tenerife, as well as on the impressive structure of the large caldera. These two routes do not require additional approval.

Our guests of Aguamar Apartments in Los Cristianos can reach the Teide Cable Car either through the TF-21 highway via Vilaflor, or with the bus line 342, which departs regularly off Los Cristianos. You can check out the prices and opening times of the cable car station, on their website:

Explore Mount Teide

mar de nubes

But Mount Teide offers much more, so there is not only a total of 30 hiking trails, but also the possibility to participate in stargazings and hikes through the volcanic tunnels. Moreover you can enjoy physical activities like rock climbing, cycling, or paragliding in this unique environment. For more information, please visit:

We also recommend our guests of the Aguamar Apartments, for trips to Mount Teide, to always take enough water and sunglasses with you, to wear sturdy shoes, and to be aware of sudden changes in temperature, and to dress accordingly.

Please note that this ascent is, due to possible health risks caused by the high altitude, not recommended for people with cardiovascular or pulmonary problems, pregnant women or children under 2 years of age.

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